I’m a vegan in Dublin. I cook a lot and don’t do very much else, so I decided I’d blog about it. I started cooking about 4 years ago when I could no longer afford my previously lavish lifestyle of daily takeaway pizza and Indian. I was pretty useless at first and made ham-fisted attempts at Nigella recipes (not to mention a lot of instant noodles). I became vegan over two years ago for ethical reasons though and became more and more interested in experimenting and veganizing recipes.

The internet is awash with gorgeous, pristine websites full of amazing food, photography and recipes. They’re delightful, but unfortunately I’m a bit crap and so is my kitchen. But that’s OK! I may not have a VitaMix or a KitchenAid mixer or a spiralizer or a seasoned skillet or a sharp knife, but I like crappy things (even if my oven door doesn’t close properly and I melted my salad spinner on the grill…). And the end results always taste good so I’m not complaining.

In summation:
I’m a bit crap
My kitchen is a bit crap
I <3 crap